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Microsoft power platform

What is the power platform?

Power Platform is the new backbone used for all Microsoft services, offering a single place to analyse data, develop solutions and automate.

In Power Apps, applications can be easily created without all time and costs of legacy software development as it works with building blocks instead of having to do everything from scratch.

Power BI leverages easy to develop rich visual dashboards and Business Intelligence without having to develop frontends and complex data transformation required by legacy solutions.

Power Automate is a workflow tool to automate complex processes that could include several different tasks being triggered at the same time, which in turn perform other tasks on top depending on many variables. It is a humanised robot to work consistently and precisely accordingly to the business needs.

Virtual Agents are chat bots that can understand human language and perform tasks or continue chatting to narrow down the scope of requirements, minimising the need for physical resources allocated. The chatbot could sit in Microsoft Teams for example and answer search queries with meaningful results from your intranet and suggest further options like a human would do.

Dataverse is the common data space where the power platform lives. It allows all Microsoft applications to access data from a single place and talk to each other.

The Power platform

Connect your data

Your business has multiple sources of data including Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365. By consolidating it into Microsoft’s Common Data Service for Apps — a standardised data model with business logic, security and integration built-in – you can then build apps that utilise this data to improve your business.

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Understand your data

Using a Power BI dashboard or chart you can turn data into insights within minutes. Create stunning visualisations of data and show them to your colleagues on whatever device they’re using. Get all data in one view to explore and analyse. Share dashboards and reports, and then collaborate on them.

Develop applications

You can build 'low-code apps', that run on any device, making use of its camera, GPS and touch controls, and customise the apps to your particular business requirements.

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