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Light Bulbs

“The electric light did not come from the continuous improvement of candles”


Oren Harari - business professor at the University of San Francisco

The modern workplace is more than just a place, tools, and technology. It is about a fundamental shift in the way people collaborate and develop ideas together for a greater good. Work will no longer be a place you go, but rather a thing you do.

Our solution removes the classical boundaries of business-grade technology that is lagging personal tech.


Our goal is to give you greater visibility into your business while modernising your communication, including document integration, chat, brainstorming sessions, and notes – all in one fluid interface.

A recent study by Harvard Business Review identified top workplace challenges:

  1. Workforce agility/flexibility 53%

  2. Lack of innovation/problem solving 42%

  3. Workforce collaboration (internal and external) 39%

  4. Recruiting and retention 32%

  5. Lack of employee engagement 29%

Modernizing your technology stack will empower your employees, making it easier for them to share their ideas and collaborate on problems as a team. More than a half of survey respondents wanted flexibility at their job. Meeting this need improves employee satisfaction, productivity and lowers staff turnover.

As an employer, you will have the tools to see what is happening across your whole organisation, jumping into a subject when your input is necessary. Users can choose their level of involvement in different conversations or be called when needed during a specific leg of a project, avoiding all the unnecessary email chain.

“The world is changing very fast. Big will not beat small anymore, it will be the fast beating the slow.” Vijay Gurbaxani, Taco Bell Professor of Information Systems and Computer Science and Director of the Center for Digital Transformation (CDT) at the UCI Paul Merage School of Business

The ideas your business creates and the problems it solves is what differentiates it from the competition. This requires fostering a culture of creativity. Modern tools are part of this journey and enable idea sharing through collaboration and inclusiveness, allowing everyone to express their thoughts.

Technology has never evolved this quickly and will never evolve this slowly again. {Use this video from 1:10 to 2:30, then 4:50 to 6:05

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